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“Come and take it” is a phrase that has existed since 480 BC when it first appeared in the Battle of Thermopylae. That is a long and lofty history for five simple, yet powerful words. This phrase was also uttered during the American Revolution, when Colonel John McIntosh responded to British demands of surrendering Fort Morris. This phrase was later printed on a flag by Texans during the Texas Revolution. The words appeared below a canon with a single star above the canon. The phrase issues a bold challenge and the flag design is imposing. And now we are bringing it to you with our Come And Take It stencil.

The Come And Take It stencil is designed to perfectly mimic the flag. Whether you want to create graffiti art; art on wood, metal, or canvas; or you want to bring this design into your home decor, paint it on the window or wall in a store, or put it to another use, this stencil will make it incredibly easy.

The size shown on the listing is the overall stencil sheet. Actual dimensions of the stencil graphic are about 10% smaller than the sheet.

Material what we use:

Stencil designs are CO2 laser-cut in the USA on reusable 10mil (254 microns) FOOD SAFE plastic sheets, material is extremely durable, sturdy, flexible that will last for many uses if cared for properly.

Common Uses:

Our stencils work with nearly any medium such as spray paint, acrylics, oil paints, chalks, markers and air-brush.

Stencils are perfect for walls, furniture, DIY crafts, fabric, glass etching, chalk painting, baking and other type of paint.

Turnaround Time: We ship within 1-3 business days from Brooklyn, New York via USPS First Class Mail, tracking number is included.

We package stencils securely in 26pt or 28pt Rigid Mailers with added sticker “DO NOT BEND” so the employees will deliver your stencil with care :)

If you have any questions before your purchase or after delivery let us know please we will be happy to help!