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The size shown on the listing is the overall stencil sheet. Actual dimensions of the stencil graphic are about 10% smaller than the sheet.

Pirates hold a place of mystery and intrigue in our lives today. These were men that roamed the seas, pillaging other ships at sea and making their way through the world at the expense of others. The pirate ship flag depicting the Jolly Roger was traditionally flown to identify a pirate ship that was about to attack.

Often depicted as a skull and crossbones, the Jolly Roger can also be shown with a skull and crossed swords. In fact, this was the Jolly Roger that was flown by Calico Jack Rackham, a famous pirate captain that operated in the Bahamas. And it is this Jolly Roger that our Pirate stencil offers.

Material what we use:

Stencil designs are CO2 laser-cut in the USA on reusable 10mil (254 microns) FOOD SAFE plastic sheets, material is extremely durable, sturdy, flexible that will last for many uses if cared for properly.

Common Uses:

Our stencils work with nearly any medium such as spray paint, acrylics, oil paints, chalks, markers and air-brush.

Stencils are perfect for walls, furniture, DIY crafts, fabric, glass etching, chalk painting, baking and other type of paint.

Turnaround Time: We ship within 1-3 business days from Brooklyn, New York via USPS First Class Mail, tracking number is included.

We package stencils securely in 26pt or 28pt Rigid Mailers with added sticker “DO NOT BEND” so the employees will deliver your stencil with care :)

If you have any questions before your purchase or after delivery let us know please we will be happy to help!

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